About Me
I'm an Enterpreneur
I am a businessman, an Entreprenueur. I implement my ideas and venture into businesses; I don't get scared of failing. Instead of seeing any unfortunate occurrence as a failure, i'd rather see it as an "unsuccess" and move on into trying another approach. And that's what everyone should be doing.
I'm a Motivational Speaker
Getting people Inspired, Getting people Motivated, Getting people to Think and Evolving; These are what i am passionate about. If people can get motivated enough to realize their current state and able to think outside that box, then my aims and objectives are being reached.
I'm a Doer
I am also a doer, I get things done. Just like i do advise people that procrastination is a terrible thing, i don't procrastinate either. If you are like me, then congratulations, you are also a doer. Now go get things done!
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What I have passion for

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Connect with me
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